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Vig-R capsule

Vig-R capsule

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Naturally Extracted Made Using Herbs
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Vig-R capsule is a unique blend of ashok, gawarpatha, bans, shatawari, ashwagandha, kewanch & tulsi. This herbal combination promotes reproductive health in females, while also supporting overall well-being. Each pack contains 60 capsules, weighing 69 grams, making it a convenient and effective supplement for women.

Key Ingredients

ashok, gawarpatha, bans, shatawari, ashwagandha, kewanch & tulsi

How to Use

Take 1 capsule twice a day after food or as directed by the physician


Complete nourishment to enhance the work ability of the body in women
Helps to keep physically active and mentally alert
Helps to increase physical work capacity
Helps to support the reproductive system for females.
Helpful in reduce gynecological problems and menstrual disorders in women.
Helps relieve physical and mental stress
Helps to fight weakness, tiredness and fatigue.
It is great hormone balancer in womens.
Helps to increase energy in the body
Helps to strengthen immunity and promotes good health

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