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Mukti Gold Pearly Bodywash 250ml (Dispenser)

Mukti Gold Pearly Bodywash 250ml (Dispenser)

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pack of 250 ml
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Naturally Extracted Made Using Herbs
Cruelty Free No Animals Harmed
Economical Affordable Pricing

Pamper your skin with Mukti Gold Pearly Bodywash. Infused with Aloe vera, this gentle cleanser eliminates impurities and bacteria, preventing acne and skin infections. Enjoy the benefits of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties in a convenient pack of 4, each containing 250ml.

Key Ingredients

Rubia cordifolia (manjistha)
Aloe vera Extracts
Neem Extract s
Papaya Extracts
Kheera Extracts
Haldi Extracts
Manjistha Extracts
Gulab Extracts

How to Use

1) Take Pearly Bodywash
Wet your skin and take the required quantity of Mukti Gold pearly body wash.

2) Lather Up
lather up properly and Apply the body wash to your body with a washcloth.

3) Rinse Off
Gently rub your body with the washcloth to help clean your skin and remove dead skin cells And then Rinse off.


Helps Restores Skin's
Skin Brightening and Reducing Tan
Helps Repair Damage Skin
Protects skin from UV damage
Helps in Skin Irritation

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