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Leucwin Syrup

Leucwin Syrup

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Leucwin Syrup aids in treating gynecological disease Leucorrhoea, characterized by abnormal discharge. It flushes out microorganisms, regenerates tissues, relieves pain, and stops itching. Its uterine fibroid capabilities control extreme blood loss during menstruation. Improve body nourishment and get rid of unwanted discharge with Leucwin Syrup.

Key Ingredients

Lodhra Ext. , Dhanyak Ext., Amla Ext.,Paneer
Dodi, Babool, Musta, Neem Ext., Methi powder

How to Use

1 tsp twice a day


Leucorrhoea is a gynecological disease which is characterized by thick, whitish or yellowish
discharge. Some discharge is normal which aims to maintain its chemical
balance and lubrication. Leucwin Syrup & Capsule helps to flush out unwanted
microorganisms and keep healthy. Whitish or yellow colour of the secretion
discharge indicates infection in internal tissues and a variety of other factors.
Leucwin Syrup & Capsule improves the nourishment level of the body and relieves pain
and discomfort. Leucwin Syrup & Capsule also stop itching during leucorrhea.
Leucwin Syrup & Capsule is effective for extreme blood loss during menstruation due to the
presence of uterine fibroids.

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