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Heal Cough syrup

Heal Cough syrup

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Introducing Heal Cough syrup, a powerful combination of natural ingredients including mulethi, vasaka, and honey. Say goodbye to throat and respiratory issues with this effective remedy. Ideal for all types of cough, this 100ml bottle is a must-have for a healthy respiratory tract.

Key Ingredients

mulethi, vasaka, kantkeri, somlata, banapsha, tulsi, honey, pippali, sunthi, gudduchi & navasar

How to Use

Adults: 2-3 teaspoonfuls thrice a day in warm water


Helps to give immediate relief from cough
Helps to treat problems related to chest and throat
Helps to give relief from allergy along with cough
Equally beneficial in dry and mucus associated cough.
Equally beneficial in old and new cough

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