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Altos Ayurveda



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Naturally Extracted Made Using Herbs
Cruelty Free No Animals Harmed
Economical Affordable Pricing

Altogrow is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides. Packed with essential micronutrients, bioactive proteins, and plant extracts, it provides the necessary elements to enhance plant growth and protection. Don't compromise on the health of your plants, switch to Altogrow.

Key Ingredients

Nutrients (micronutrients) - Enzymes (bioactive proteins) - Plant extracts

How to Use

Easy to use Foiler spray: use 3-4 ml of Altogro per litre of water.
Soil application: Mix 1 litre of Altogro in soil or vermin compost for 1 acre broadcast.


Altogro helps to increase plant growth.
Alto gro is a scientific liquid prepared from the combination of all the nutrients required for the crop.
Altogro helps to support chlorophyll production.
The use of Altogro helps to increase the activity of enzymes in plants, which increases productivity.
Altogro helps in providing all the important nutrients to the plants from the entire mixture.
Altogro contains all the important components that help to keep plants healthy.
Altogro helps to improve plant growth and stabilize the plant during droughts.
Altogro helps in providing balanced nutrition to the plants.
Altogro helps in complete development of the crop.

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