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Alto Care

Alto Care

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Naturally Extracted Made Using Herbs
Cruelty Free No Animals Harmed
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Alto Care is a potent insecticide, miticide, and fungicide that effectively eliminates over 200 species of pests like aphids, mites, scale, and more. It is safe for bees and lady beetles, making it a reliable solution for pest control. Use it to prevent and treat mildew, black spot, scab, and other fungal diseases on plants. Available in a 250ml bottle, weighing 654g.

Key Ingredients

Clove Oil , Neem Oil , Thyme Oil

How to Use

Mix 2-3 ml Alto care in 1 litre water & Spray properly.


Alto Care works effectively as a repellent.
Alto Care helps to kill insects and prevents the grasshoppers from eating the plant.
Alto care helps in maintaining the fertility of the soil.
Alto care helps the plants to reduce the risk of failure.
Alto care helps in increasing the yield of the crop.

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