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Acipitt with Tripal Action Formula

Acipitt with Tripal Action Formula

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Acipitt with Tripal Action Formula is the perfect solution for those looking to alleviate acidity and improve digestion. With the power of organic Jeera and Hing, it stimulates the release of vital enzymes in the body. This natural remedy not only provides instant relief from heartburn, but also promotes overall digestive health. Try it now for noticeable results in just one dose.

Key Ingredients

Jeera Powder,
Hing Powder,
Sanchal Powder,
Saindhav Powder,
Shatavari Powder,
Swarjika Kshara,
Nimbu Sat.

How to Use

One sachet in a glass of cold water. Repeat in 2-3 hours, if necessary. Do not take more than 2 doses in 24 hours.


Acipitt have an ability to help in stimulation and release vital enzymes in the body. We have brought goodness of organic Jeera & organic Hing with tripple action formula to bring you best remedy for heart burn

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